A King’s Shilling Kindle Edition by Barry Wynne

1936. Crisis in Buckingham Palace. The abdication of Britain’s new Monarch. Hitler on the march. A call to arms for the civil population.

Posted to France. Blitzkrieg. Retreat to Dunkirk. Left behind! Hazardous march to the West.

Miraculous escape by sea over tomb of the Lancastria sunk by German bombers, over 7,000 on board; more than 5,000 drowned.

The greatest loss of life in a single ship in naval history. Next posting to H.Q. 8th Army, standing at bay in Egypt. Pivotal battle at El Alamein under new generals Alexander and Montgomery.

30,000 killed or missing both sides in first twelve horrific and tumultuous days. Visit by Churchill to say ‘thank you’. Church bells peal victory throughout United Kingdom. Second return England.

Hitler’s desperate attacks on London with ‘vengeance’ rockets V1 and V2. End of war. Father out; call-up for son. Conscript. Special forces training Northern Ireland. Infantry subaltern. Posted to Far East.

Sudden insurrection in Malaya, the precursor of many. Shore landing on island Paula Tekong, neighbor to Singapore. Into the steaming jungle. Battle against Chinese Communist guerrillas. Lost Patrol.

Tragedy of the massacre at Batang Kali, now over 60 years later subject to a Judicial Enquiry New Year 2012.

A thirty year drama of the Ashley-Fords, father and son; civilians turned military. That’s ‘A King’s Shilling’. Graphic and in detail.

A King’s Shilling Kindle Edition
by Barry Wynne (Author)
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