1915: Battle of Neuve Chapelle

Battle of Neuve Chapelle
Battle of Neuve Chapelle

1915: The Battle of Neuve Chapelle was a British offensive in the Artois region of France and broke through at Neuve-Chapelle but the success could not be exploited.

More troops had arrived from Britain and relieved some French troops in Flanders, which enabled a continuous British line to be formed, from Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée north to Langemarck.

The battle was intended to cause a rupture in the German lines, which would then be exploited with a rush to the Aubers Ridge and possibly Lille.

A French assault at Vimy Ridge on the Artois plateau was also planned, to threaten the road, rail and canal junctions at La Bassée from the south, as the British attacked from the north.

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