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War Life Radio is an authentic time capsule from the Second World War. This unique channel plays actual news and entertainment recordings broadcast between 1939 -1945, interspersed with music from that period.

Be it the BBC Home Service in London, the Reich Sender in Berlin or CBS in the United States, our channel gives the feel and sound of what the airwaves of wartime sounded like.

Wartime broadcasters Elmer Davis, Ed Murrow, William Shirer, Lord Haw Haw, Charles Gardner and many many others appear daily.

War Life Radio

You’ll also get a splattering of light classical music and hits from the early years of the Cold War, dating from 1946 -1954.

We offer a huge collection of music, much of which has been individually digitized from gramophone recordings off 78 rpm records. You can even see the last 10 records we have played, on our special playlist page.

Our curators have striven to produce a unique station and we sincerely hope you enjoy tuning in!


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